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Hi & Welcome 

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Jewellery Bag today.

The jewellery you will see here, is mostly new, "old stock" (never been sold to the public), as well as some second-hand items. The new pieces of jewellery have been purchased directly from Jewellers, where they have sat in safes and draws, sometimes for many years. Most styles are very classic, so have remained sort after, in the current market. Second-hand items, often offer a better “value”, as the base cost for me is lower per item and therefore passed on to you.

 “Once it’s gone, it’s gone!” Stock changes often (hopefully) and for the majority of cases, the items are “one-off” to me. If you do miss out on something, please let me know and I shall hopefully be able to source a similar item for you, which we would enter into dialogue about first. This is much more difficult for the Second-Hand items, evidently.

Pre-Sale Reports have been attached to show, what I would expect each individual item, would be valued for, for insurance purposes, if taken to a reputable appraiser.

 All items are sent out fully insured, registered post, boxed and with a current Retail Valuation for Insurance Purposes. Usually within 1 business day of cleared funds received.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. I have access to many other pieces of jewellery and can get pieces made up on a Commission basis for you. Also I will arrange to sell items for you perhaps, through this site, or to my customers?

 It could be that I might just point you in the right direction, if I think that your approach would be better somewhere else. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards & thanks

 The Jewellery Bag

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